Unleash Flexibility.

Industry-leading technology enabling the energy transition.

Tailored optimization.

Accelerating the energy transition.

Flower operates and optimizes our partners' energy assets to enable the society to rely on renewable electricity.
With large-scale solar, grid-scale batteries and more than 4 000 EV chargers connected to our Power Refinery Platform, we have a proven track record of creating revenue for our partners.
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Power Refinery.

Making electricity available when needed.

Predicting the weather is hard. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow as predicted. As we introduce more renewable energy sources, the power system will require more counteraction for the increasing discrepancies between consumption and planned production.
Flower is a leading player in solving this issue - for each asset owner as well as for the society as a whole

Balancing the grid.

Our multi-market approach unlocks the full potential of each asset.

Balancing markets ensure that power consumption and production are the same. Market products are structured as insurance contracts.
Flower is an active participant on the FCR and other markets - pushing for more flexibility from new sources to fully unlock its potential

Complex problems require brilliant algorithms.

Flower provides a complete solution - from integration to revenue optimization for our partners through ancillary services such as FCR, FFR, FRR and arbitrage in close collaboration with our partners

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To succeed with the energy transition, we need all renewable solutions aboard. Reach out and learn more about how we can work together towards a flexible future.

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