About Us.

Flower (former Krafthem) is a start-up that enables the energy transition. The company drastically increases the available power flexibility to support the renewable electrification of everything.

Flower was awarded the title 'The most promising climate innovation in Sweden 2021' for developing the frontier of the new energy sector.

The Team.

David Evholt


Jenny Ekman

Strategy Developer

Jenny Hedblom

Head of Projects

Simon Norell

Head of Boiler

Emma Hellström


Erik Murray

Data Scientist

Alina Kotova

Talent Acquisition Specialist

AnnSofie Furberg


Mikael Bergmark

VP Exploration & Production

Camilla Molina

Data Engineer

Jorge Laraña Aragon

Head of Brokerage

Sara Danielsson

Head of Product

Joel Nyström

Head of Sales

Emanuele Conti

Backend Developer

Matilda von Schantz

Backend Developer

Jesper Sundin

Business Developer - New Markets

Pontus Lindström

System Developer

Annie Olofsson

Project Developer

Rodrigo Fernandes

Project Developer

Stephan Nieto

Data Analyst

Ebba Wikström

Project Developer

Misha Voss Gustavsson

Business Developer - Grid-Scale

Pablo Fernández de Salas

Head of Trading

Jesper Björkman

VP Crude Sourcing

John Diklev

CEO & Founder

Roberta Morosin

Data Engineer

Hampus Jildenbäck

Project Developer

Maricruz Bravo Gallegos

Project Developer

Axel Dellenby

Integration Engineer

Marcus Evholt

Machine Learning Engineer

Connect with us.

To succeed with the energy transition, we need all smart and renewable solutions aboard. Reach out and learn more about how we can work together towards a flexible future.

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for the brightest people with a burning desire to solve complex and important problems. See our current positions or apply to our open application: